Intercastle General Knowledge Competition

Friday September 25th 2009

This competition is divided into seven categories:

Primary1 : 1st grade

Primary 2: 2nd grade

Junior 1: 3rd & 4rth grade

Junior 2: 5th & 6th Grade

Secondary: 1st & 2nd year

Intermediate: 3rd Secondary & 1st Polimodal

Senior: 2nd Polimodal & 3rd Polimodal

General Rules:

There will be 10 sections with 10 questions for the categories comprising 3° secondary & 1° polimodal, and 2° & 3° polimodal.
There will be 10 sections with 7/8 questions for the category 1° & 2° secondary.
You must circle the correct answer.
You must choose ONLY ONE option per question. If you were to mark 2 or more options in one question your answer will be annulled.
You will have 6 minutes to complete each section. Due this time three bells will ring, and you will have to hand in your pages. At that time the teacher will give out the next section.
There will be a break from 3:20 pm to 3:30 pm. After the break, students will have to return to the classroom to complete the last 2 sections.
Write down the name and last name of each member of the group on the front page of the first section. The following sections must have at least one name and last name of a member.
The answers to the questions will be posted on the board next to the gate of Paraguay Street. (Kinder’s Gate) once everyone has finished.

Competition Instructions:

You may use a calculator.
You may not talk to anybody outside the classroom, nor seek advice from teachers.
You may not consult dictionaries.
You may not go to the bathroom in the middle of the competition.

Good Luck!